The Glorious Goal Tree

I often find that people (including myself) create goals so lofty they seem unobtainable. I don’t want to stop you from shooting for the stars, instead, I want to give you a few techniques to help you conquer your dreams.

The Glorious Goal Tree


Go ahead and make that impressively huge goal. But don’t set a deadline quite yet. Let’s start by breaking it into smaller pieces. What are the 3 or 4 big necessities that must happen for you to succeed?

Now break those down into steps. And again. Try to break each piece down so you only have to accomplish one small task to give yourself a gold star. As your break them down, assign a deadline.

Timeliness is crucial to to your accomplishment. If these are tasks that you truly expect to complete, you must give yourself a deadline. Better yet, schedule them into your calendar right now!

As you hit these little goals, you’re going to have a huge confidence boost and your momentum is really going to get rolling.



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