Tip of the Week: Stop Answering Your Phone!

Phone calls are such a distraction! Some days I feel like there is NO WAY I will every get anything accomplished while my phone rings non-stop.

I have two quick tips to help lessen the phone call distraction.

1 – Who said that we have to be reachable 100% of the day? No one. Remember when we didn’t all have mobile phones? We had answering machines, and people waited patiently for us to get home, press play on the tape (yes, tape) and call them back – at our convenience.

Guess what? You still have this handy option, it’s now called voicemail! Feel free to turn that phone off for a few hours and get some of those projects done. When you turn that phone back on, listen to your voicemails and make the return calls, at your convenience. No one will know the difference, and you will be much more productive and efficient.

2 – I realize that many you have to answer the phone, as per your business model (i.e. you are a plumber and those phone calls are your bread and butter). Don’t worry, I have 2 solutions for you, too!

A – Only answer the phone for caller ID numbers that your don’t have plugged into your contacts. Those are going to be the new clients. When your best friend, mom or colleague calls, let it go to voicemail and get back to them at a more convenient time for you. Trust me, if it’s an emergency, they’ll call you back more than once.

B – Hire an answering service! These services are very affordable. They answer your incoming calls and filter them according to the guidelines you provide. Such a time saver!

Recap: Use your voicemail!


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