Money-Makers v. Money-Drainers

I’ve heard that Making Money is why most of us go into business. Whether we’re starting our own, backing someone else, or changing careers. It’s a silly little rumor, so I understand if you don’t believe it… But it’s true.

Unfortunately, many of us are not only plagued with to-do lists (see my post on managing that), we also have a slew of tasks that probably aren’t making money. For example, checking your email is usually dealing directly with clients or business connections is considered a money-maker. Cleaning your product shelves, carrying business cards, networking at the coffee shop or even getting your new eye-glass prescription can all be considered money-makers.

Money-drainers are the things that aren’t tied to your bottom line. Checking your Facebook every few minutes, even if it’s your business page is not productive. Yes you will probably need to post a few times per day, but wait and reply to comments or messages till then. If you like to snack throughout the day, bring your snacks to your desk, don’t walk to the break room every hour.

There are lots of extra things we do in a day that are ‘money-drainers,’ take a few minutes and recognize the ones you do, then stop doing them.


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