Throw out the Markers!

Take a moment and say goodbye to any and all handwritten signs throughout your place of business.

Specifically, I’m talking about the ones that are customer facing (there are some exceptions to the rules, coffee shops and restaurants that list their specials daily may be considered exempt, though quality and craftsmanship of the signs matter).

Let’s use an example: the common “no checks” sign sitting near the register (or even on the entrance door). There is more to this message than meets the eye.

1- No Checks. It’s pretty simple, everyone understands the message, but maybe there is a better way to get your message across. Try “We accept Cash and Cards.” The message is the same, but there is a positive twist- which is always welcomed.

2- When it’s handwritten you lose some of your business cred. Your place of business and everything in it is a direct reflection of you and your product/service. How much you care and how much value you place on your product. If your own portrayal isn’t quality, what are your customers going to think?

Get to the office supply store and pick out a ream of paper that matches your brand. Maybe it’s a bright assortment of florescent card stock, maybe it’s a nice gray linen, it doesn’t matter to me- but it does matter to your image.

Blow the dust off the printer and type out the message. Give it some formatting- centered is usually easiest, and pick out a font that is EASY to read. Stop using ‘Brushscript MT’ and ‘Edwardian Script’ and anything similar (go look them up in your word processor, you’ll see why).

Wait! Don’t print yet! Do you really need a whole 8.5×11 paper to get your message across? Will a 1/2 sheet or 1/4 of a sheet due? If so, than do it! Use the paper to print 2 messages (or 2 of the same) and cut in half. Post it in two different places or save on for later to replace the old one when it gets worn out.

Yes. Replace the old one when it gets worn out. Dirty, torn signs are just as detrimental as handwritten ones. Keep it fresh, clean and updated!


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