Mantra: Givers Gain (in the real world)

I’d like to give a shout out to all of the visitors that attended the Wasatch Chapter of BNI’s network event this morning. The amount of talent and energy was palpable. I was impressed by the professionalism throughout the room!

The term “Givers Gain” is not just a saying, it’s a way of doing business. Today’s event is an example. I did not once sell my services. In fact, I barely talked about what I do. Instead, I listened to what each person did and what they needed for their company. In most cases, I’m not the one that can help them. Instead, I handed out business cards and contact information for many others who fit their needs better. I also collected a few business cards for services that I could use.

While I didn’t gain any business directly from the people a spoke with today, here is what I did do…

By giving away information, I not only helped those seeking the information, but I handed warm business to those that I know directly and trust.

What will I get? Most likely, I will receive a referral later from the person I sent business too. It’s also quite possible that I will be contacted again when another referral is needed. I still might not be the right person for them, but I have a vast network of people that are. And it’s good to know that I was top of mind when someone is in a bind.

Good luck in your networking endeavors!


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